Always the Student

Are you an avid reader of Internet start-up blogs, magazines, research articles and reports? Do you love trying new Internet applications, looking at marketing materials you receive from new Internet ventures? If not, start.

If you want to be an Internet entrepreneur, immerse yourself in the world of the Internet start-up and entrepreneur. I doubt there’s a week that goes by where I don’t discover and learn something new from some other Internet entrepreneur or start-up – a new marketing tactic, a clever UI design approach, an interesting twist on a business model.

The truth is every Internet business out their is a Mashup ( a collection of Internet pieces pulled together for a specific purpose). When you learn something new, it not only increases your pool of knowledge, it increases your neural net, which is the basis for new ideas (taking what you know and connecting it with other pieces of information).

Expanding your knowledge will enhance your ability to create that mashup that has the secret ingredients. The difference between success and failure with an Internet venture can be as simple as a marketing tactic, UI design or viral trick. Skype, MySpace, YouTube, these are all good examples of companies that weren’t first to market in their space, but found just the right ingredients for success ( no doubt their ideas and ingredients came from others or were the results of their neural net incorporating ideas from others).

If you aren’t yet a passionate student looking to learn from other Internet entrepreneurs and start-ups, get started today.



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