If You Aren’t a Little Out of Control You Probably Aren’t Going Fast Enough

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you feel like you’re in control your not going fast enough“, or “If you aren’t a little bit out of control you probably aren’t going fast enough“. This was originally coined by Formula One Racer, Mario Andretti.

While the statement was initially made for race car driving, it certainly applies to many other things. As an Internet entrepreneur it’s definitely a lesson worth heeding. Think about it for just a second. For a race car driver to beat out the competition, which is fierce, they must push the limit. They have to go as fast as they can while maintaining enough control not to kill themselves. They have to feel the torque of the car, road and their surrounding, and drive on the edge between being in control and losing control. In a nutshell they have to move at a pace that is, a little bit out of control.

Now think about the world of the Internet Entrepreneur. Lots of competition, limited resources, a race to gain market share before someone else comes along. You have to move quickly, and you have little time and resources. If you feel like your in total control, can you really be moving fast enough? If your working bandwidth is greater than or equal to your workload, are you really doing enough to win? And if your workload is greater than your bandwidth won’t you feel a little buried, a little out of control.

The trick is to learn and embrace being a little bit out of control without being REALLY OUT OF CONTROL. Learning to feel the torque and pressure of what you have to do, push the envelope, but still make sound decisons.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs who were completely out of control — scattered, no attention to details, and all over the place. And I’ve seen entrepreneurs who moved far too slowly to win – over planning, double triple checking things, wanting to be 100% sure about anything, afraid to make any mistakes.

Can you find the middle ground. Can you find and embrace that place where you’re, a little bit out of control.


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