Want to See God Laugh, Make a Plan

Ok, so you’ve got your Internet businesses vision and game plan nailed to a tee — you know how you’re going to build your user base, how your going to crush your competitors, how you’ll generate revenues, and even how much and when. It all looks good in your Powerpoint presentation, and sounds good to investors. But do you really think that reality will accommodate your vision and plan?

The truth is very few things in life turn out as we initially hope or plan. Google’s founders didn’t initially envision revenues coming primarily through search advertising, and the founders of YouTube, MySpace and countless other well known Internet brands have seen their businesses evolve in ways they never expected or planned.

No doubt that planning serves an extremely important purpose, forcing you to think deeply about your venture and develop a framework and guide from which to begin. However, equally important is the ability to embrace the natural evolutionary process that drives any business. Your plan should morph and be shaped based on the feedback you get from the market. Your success, in large, will be driven not by your initial plan but rather your ability to assimilate market feedback and continually re-align your plan with it.

The important lesson here… create and begin with a plan, but realize and embrace that natural market forces will likely force you to alter your plan frequently. The bottom line, your plan should be a plan to evolve.

Perhaps one of my all time favorite quotes, “Want to see God Laugh, Make a Plan” should be altered. More appropriate words of wisdom might be, “Want to See God Laugh, CLING to A Plan”.


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